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    FREE PROTECTION COVER WORTH INR 499/- Edition: 2015 A newer edition for 2016 has been released with 112 New Colors GP1601N Buy the latest edition Release Date: 01-04-2015 The Pantone Plus series formula Guide GP1601 released in 2015 for Graphics designers has been widely used in India for printing color matching. Please note : this is a paper product and...

    INR 6,800 INR 10,000
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    Choose your Size - 4” x 4” OR 4” x 2” The name of the swatch card will be given by you after the final step of the payment. [ A message box will appear after payment gateway. Enter the details there ] We will confirm the name/ number of the swatch card via email with you. If you are unable to enter the details of the swatch card you require then we will...

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    Colors: 2100 Color Suffix: TPG Latest Edition with 210 New Colors now available. Buy the latest Edition. All Fashion + Home + Interior Colors included* This new edition of the Color Guide presents the existing 2,100 FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors created from new, more Earth-friendly (Textile Paper – “Green”)formulations and an accompanying new PANTONE...

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    RAL CLASSIC - The world‘s leading industrial colour collection  The RAL CLASSIC colour collection has been essential for the precise communication of colours for over 80 years. Therefore, 'RAL 1037 Sun Yellow' is the exact same colour everywhere in the world.  RAL K5 - Colour fan deck with 213 RAL CLASSIC colours:  • U-shaped protective cover • Full-page...

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You will be purchasing the Hard Copy of the Magazine and along with the physical product FREE DVD, E- Magazine will be provided if they come along with the product. For Example: All Close-Up and Runway Fashion magazines have FREE online Access, Prints & Design Books also have layered PSD editable Files in the DVD and will be mentioned in the description. Books will be delivered with these complementary products along with a unique registration code from the publisher.

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