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A+A Design Studio supplies a full range of Color trend books developed specifically for the active/tech market. Books features 6 to 8 themes or stories as well as additional ranges for metallic and color harmonies. A+A Vision, Vibe, Concept Color, Home, Very like, Dudes, Textile & Gentleman Publications can be subscribed on a yearly basis from Design Info. 


20 yearly trend books covering all aspects of design industries from fashion to technology.
2000 exclusive prints & patterns each year.
300+ colors presented in 80 original palettes annually. 
A+A’s combines creativity & technology to provide the industry’s most authoritative trend subscription service

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A + A Surfaces Material Trendbook has a focus on technical and unwoven materials for all fields of design. It contains 5 stories and color ranges in leather and plastic, and over 120 swatches for inspiration. A + A Surfaces Material Trend book is an excellent solution for home and Interiors.

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The new A + A Textile Fabrics & Colors Trend Book for women is dedicated to fabrics with focus on yarns, fabrics, textures and materials effects. Structured in 6 stories with a general palette of 42 colors, codified in PANTONE® and SCOTDIC®, A + A Textile Fabrics & Colors includes more than 130 sample useful for the creation of pre-collections of womenswear.

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A + A Vibe Color Trends Book has 60 colors for casual menswear divided in six conceptual themes. Color harmonies are presented in yarns with Pantone® and Scotdic® references. Additionally A + A Vibe Color Trends Book has presentation of metallic and fluorescent colors in yarns. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 01/07

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New and exclusive edition of the A + A Trendbook Series from the Milan design studio: The "GENTLEMAN" edition. A + A Gentlemen Men's Color Trends Book has 48 Colors for classic menswear divided in themes presented in color ranges, color harmonies and extra colors in metallic and wool shade cards. Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 01/07