Pantone Formula Guide & Solid Chips

Pantone Formula Guide and Solid Chips C/U GP1601 GP1606 Coated and Uncoated - FREE PROTECTION Cover worth Rs499/-

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The PANTONE ESSENTIALS bundle contains our most popular traditional solid, solid-to-process and process-onlycolors. Pantone Essentials is the perfect starter set for designers, pre-press professionals and printers interested in having colors for communication and matching on press conveniently at their fingertips. Pantone Essentials Bundle includes:...

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Number of Colors: 1,867 New Colors Added: 112 Older edition : GP1606 had 1,755 colors. Edition: Official Release - 19th March, 2016 Further Discount available Ask for Discounts Two Books: Coated & Uncoated divided. All Solid Colors removable Chips are included. 6 Chips of Each Color (6 Coated & 6 Uncoated). 2 Hard Cover Books with individual chips...

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Free Protection cover Case for both Pantone Formula guides. Number of Colors: 1,867 New Colors Added: 112 Older edition : GP1601 had 1,755 colors. Guides: 2 - [Coated & Uncoated] Edition: Official Release - 1st March, 2016 The New Pantone Formula Guide Plus Series released on 1st March, 2016 has a total of 1,867 colors, which is an addition of 112 new...

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Replace or supplement pages for all current Pantone color chip books Solid Colors. Perforated paper chips on 3-ring binder pages Keep your books up-to-date Page size: 5 5/8" x 9 1/4" 7 REMOVABLE Chips of Each Color on the page. Material: Ink on paper Seven colors per page, six chips per color Tear-out chips on replaceable three-ring Pantone...