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2016 Latest Edition Total Colors: 2310 210 New Colors included Size of Swatches: 2inch x 2inch The new Pantone TCX Swatch library is ideal for large companies, exporters and manufacturers who require TCX Swatches on a daily basis so that they can match colors effectively with large size swatches and have all 2310 colors in stock at all times. Color...

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2016 Latest Edition Total Colors: 2310 210 New Colors included Size of Swatches: 1inch x 1inch Even if your space or budget is limited, you can enter the world of limitless design possibilities with the new PANTONE Cotton Chip Set, a desktop color reference that puts all 2,100 TCX colors of the PANTONE Fashion + Home color system at your fingertips....

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Item Code: FHIC300
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No of Colors: 2310 Size of Chips: 5/8” x 5/8” {1.58 cm X 1.58cm} Edition: 2016 The Cotton Planner is a convenient desktop reference to all 2,310 PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors, including the 210 New Colors. Its compact size makes it easy to use both in the office and on the go. Cotton chips are permanently affixed to non-optically brightened...

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The new Pantone View Color Planner for Autumn Winter 2017-2018 has 8 Color themes & new inspirations. The top seasonal colors are presented with their usage. Widely acclaimed year after year for new concepts on Home, Interiors, Active Wear, Men / Women / Kids & children, remote industries and cosmetics. Official Release: 1st March, 2016 Colors...

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Item Code: FHIC200
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The New Pantone TCX Cotton Passport Book with 2310 Colors is an ideal book for manufacturers and beginners in the Pantone TCX colors world. Size of each  chip - 1cm X 1.5cm. 2,310 market-driven PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Colors Includes 210 New Colors Convenient, portable accordion format 2016 Edition The convenient accordion format allows you to...

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Your Cotton Chip Set is the perfect tool to help with in-studio palette creation and presentations. Now you can stay ahead of the trend when you add the latest 210 New Colors on cotton in a 1" x 1" removable chip format. Each chip is affixed to non-optically brightened paper and has the color name and number (with a TCX suffix) printed on the back, along...

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4” x 4” Double Strip in Original Packing available. Pantone Smart Swatch Card. The name of the swatch card will be given by you after the final step of the payment. [ A message box will appear after payment gateway. Enter the details there ] We will confirm the name/ number of the swatch card via email with you. If you are unable to enter the details of...