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Publications dedicated exclusively to footwear designs and models directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and modelists. Please Note- Latest Edition will be delivered. However previous Issues can be requested. Subscription for this product is also available Issues a year : 8 Published On : January,March, April, June, July,August, September, October

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ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Woman is dedicated exclusively to woman footwear and directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. Please Note- Latest Edition will be delivered, however previous issues can be requested. Each season presents two volumes: ARSUTORIA Sketchbook: ARSUTORIA Designers analyze season forecast, individuating...

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Arsutoria Magazine provides you complete information on footwear industry, reporting the latest shoe trends and focusing on special topics as sport, soles or technology. Each shoes magazine issue offers you the latest information as news and interviews, new designers scouting and fashion report. Fashion reports are Arsutoria Magazines core business:...

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Hard cover book of over 200 pages of shoes collections presented for each season on fairs, catwalks, people and windows that we have selected from our Ars Sutoria magazines. One of the best forecast magazine on woman shoes. One issue published for Spring/Summer in January and one for Autumn/Winter in June. Regardless of the images displayed, Subscription...

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ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Sneaker is dedicated exclusively to sneakers for man and woman, directly addressed to manufacturers, designers and pattern makers. ARSUTORIA Sketch & Style Sneaker focuses the forecast analysis on sneaker footwear, providing exclusive designs and ideas by international designers, through sketches, materials and...

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Over 550 HD images related to Shoes for Women in the Fashion Focus Shoes Magazine. Subscribe to latest Edition Magazine. ASK FOR DISCOUNTS Published semi-annually : 6 months prior to next season. Top designer collections and catwalks from the Australia, Europe, and the USA, analysed by an experienced design team in Italy to forecast the next mood boards...