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Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors Color Guide in India. TPG Color Guide & Specifier. FHIP 110 and FHIP 230 with 210 New Colors Supplement. Shop Now and get cash on delivery.

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The New TPG Color Guide & Specifier Set has 210 new colors included for year 2016. Total Colors: 2310 Format: Paper Ask for Discount Coupon Edition: Official Release - 26th March, 2016 Revised New Edition - 2nd September, 2016 Older edition - FHIP200 & FFP220 had 2100 Colors 2 Books and 2 Guide Set Both Guides will have a protection Cover Case...

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The redesigned Pantone Fahion Home + Interiors COLOR SPECIFIER 2 books with chromatic arrangement. Total Colors: 2310 Includes 210 New Colors. Only Specifier ( TPG Format Chips). Buy Complete Set The popular Pantone FASHION HOME + INTERIORS 2 books in a chromatic arrangement designed for quick color decisions and easy color lookup. Ideal for non-fabric...

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Item Code: FHIP110N- [210 new Colors]
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Total Colors: 2310 [FHIP110] No. of New Colors: 210 Old Edition had 2100 Colors Protection Cover Guide [Hard] Included. Edition: Official Release - 21st March, 2016 Color Prefix : TPG Total 2 Guides Included in this Package: Part1, Part 2 Iinc 210 Additional Colors. Original Seal Packed. The New Pantone Color Guide - Fashion, Home & Interiors will be...

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Supplement for TPX and TPG Pantone Set. 210 New Colors for Pantone TPG/TPX Color Guide and 210 New Colors for TPX/TPG Chips Set.  Edition: Official Release - 3rd April, 2016 210 new FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors in the supplement. Supplements can easily be added into the existing Specifier and Guide Set Six tear-out chips of each color for palette...

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Easily replace consumed or missing pages for your PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color Specifier. Simply search by page number to re-order. Each replacement page contains seven PANTONE Colors on paper, denoted by the TPG or TPX suffix, with six tear-out chips of each color for easy removal. (Please select which system you are using when ordering...